Dubai Civil Defence is a government authority that provides legal approval in the field of industrial and commercial safety and security.

In view of these measures, Gulf Vision provides all the services provided by the Dubai Civil Defence at our outlet with other important government agencies working side by side, with the joint efforts of all government bodies, the processing of relevant government documents becomes completely hassle-free.

Services provided by the DCD are as follows:


  • Certificate of fulfilment of preventive safety conditions.
  • Building completion.
  • Achievement decor.
  • Gas production.
  • Approval of maintenance contracts.
  • Certification of supply and installation certificates.
  • Corporate accreditation.
  • Accreditation of installation and maintenance technicians and engineers.
  • Representative card (New-renew).
  • Certificate of inspection of fire nozzles.
  • Hookah permit.
  • A message of no objection to those who are interested.
  • HASSANTUK System 24-Bay 7.